Monday, February 14, 2011

*And...drum roll please....another week of NEW things

This 'trying something new everyday' sure has put a breath of fresh air into my life.  I am having so much fun experiencing all my new adventures...big and small.
                                                               ", new, new stuff!!!"  
Feb. 6th through 12th

-The Diva in me came out this week.  If there is one thing I have always been good at, it is pampering myself.  I could write a book called, "101 Ways for a Woman to Pamper Herself on any Budget".  I love getting pedicures and giving myself facials.  I realized I needed to give the rest of my body some more attention.  I decided to find a new body moisturizer to use when I get out of the shower.  I decided to try a body oil.  I shopped around and shoot...body oils are a bit expensive.  Believe it or not, I was in Trader Joe's shopping for dinner one night and I spied a bottle of Lavender body oil for just under $5.00.  I figured, something new (and cheap) why not?  After dinner that night, I took a nice long hot shower.  After I got out of the shower and while my skin was still damp, I applied my new Lavender body oil to every square inch of my body and OH MY GOSH...LOVE IT!!!  The aroma of the oil made my little bathroom smell like a spa.  The oil itself felt great and sooooo luxurious.  Good-bye dry winter skin.  Hello to new silky, smooth, and soft.  I am all about turning my humble bathroom into a relaxing spa every chance I get. 

-Of course, embracing your inner Diva is not complete without ending your day with a nice glass of wine.  I LOVE having a nice table red in my kitchen at all times for my nightly glass of indulgence.  I do get a kick out of finding inexpensive wines that really taste good.  I call myself a 'cheap-wine connoisseur'.  I get the biggest kick out of finding nice tasting wine under $10.00....and I am NOT ashamed to admit to it.  I hit the jackpot this week.  Trader Joe's (yes, I shop there often) has a new Red Zinfandel.  "Trader Joe's Grower's Reserve Paso Robles".  This is no "Two Buck Chuck".  This Zinfandel is smooth and full body.  Honestly, I thought it was too good to be true, so I bought a second bottle. ($4.99)  WOW.....I found my new staple of a red wine.  I may even  serve it at my next party.  CHEERS  

-This week was also a week of finding new ways to workout.  I began by trying for the first time in my life a bootcamp workout.  My trainer was a very fit former marine.  I was introduced to things I have never heard of before, let alone tried.  I workout with kettle bells, did TRX exercises, and my cardio involved a big fat heavy as hell rope.  It was a circuit training that lasted about an hour.  It was so much fun.  I was always moving on to the next exercise, so the hour went by super fast.  I left feeling great.  SEMPER FI

-I have been telling myself for years that I was going to start exploring more hiking paths around Los Angeles.  This week I finally stopped talking and started doing.  For the first time, I hiked Runyon Canyon in Hollywood. I never would have thought that you could hike in Hollywood.  Holy Cow...yes you can!!!  This hike was really neat.  It goes through the Hollywood Hills.  There is a lot of nature to take in.  There is also a couple good hills to climb to give you a nice workout.  Of course, you also get a bird's eye view of Los Angeles and a great view of the Hollywood sign.  Kinda puts a 'new' spin on the whole hiking thing.  It was a fun afternoon and I will definitely hike Runyon Canyon again.  Lots of celebrities hike there.  So, now I know where to bring out-of-town guests that say they just have to see a movie star before they go home.  HA!  

-In the spirit of finding new places to work out in LA county.  I discovered a new running path.  HA!  I have to laugh at how "LA" this path is.  This week I went running at the Donald Trump Golf Course.  Holy Hannah!!  Let me start by saying that Trump's golf course is right on the coast.  Each hole has an ocean view with Catalina Island off in the distance.  There are public trails that go along the golf course and part of the trail actually goes onto the course.  I ran right pass the 5th hole and a golfer teeing off at the 6th hole waved at me.  Part of the golf course has a Coastal Sage Scrub habitat, so the entire area smells so fresh and beautiful.  With the green fee starting at $215 a game, I think I will stick to the running paths.

-My Mother gave me a 'new' thing to try.  I tried to go 24 hours without swearing.  Did not work.  Shit...try, try, again.  :)

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