Saturday, February 19, 2011

Oprah Inspired My "New" Things This Week. Thank You, O

Oprah used to end each show with a segment called 'Remembering Your Spirit'.  I decided this week that some of my new things would be in the theme of remembering my spirit.  Little did I know what a gift I would be giving myself.      

New things Feb. 13 though Feb. 19

-First things neighbor has a cat.  This cat is named Chewie.  He is named after Chewbacca from Star Wars.  Chewie is just out of kitten-hood.  He just reached his full grown height, but still has kitten energy.  Needless to say Chewie has lots of energy and loves to dart out quickly from no where and get under my feet.  This has caused me to step on him, trip over him, and even dropped things I was carrying because he startled me.  His mere existence has brought out my dark side.  Our relationship has been quite like Chewbacca meets Darth Vader.  This week I decided I really don't like the way that the 'dark side' looks on me.  So, I have decided to befriend that little shit...I mean cat...dear ol Chewie.  I decided that whenever I see Chewie I would say hello and give him a little pat on the head.  Long story short, after a couple days of showing Chewie some love, that darn little thing started to grow on me.  By Thursday morning I was sitting on my front stoop, sipping my morning coffee with Chewie on my lap.  We had a little heart-to-heart.  He now knows to look both ways before racing across the sidewalk or up my steps.  I now know that dear little Chewie just wants to be acknowledged and loved.  Don't we all?  However, Chewie also knows...that even though we are now new BFF's, he is still NOT allowed in my apartment.   Thank you, Chewie.  XO

-My next new 'remembering my spirit' thing was to say hello to everyone I passed for one day. HA!  That was a trip.  Tons of fun, but a trip.  Most people said hello back, some did not, and some took it as an opportunity to tell me all about their day, if not their life.  When I decided to do this, I had forgotten that I would be going for a run on that same day.  As I was running on the jogging path near my home, I passed many people.  As I promised myself, I said hello to each person.  The longer I was running, the more tired I got.  The more tired I got, the less I was able to cheerfully say, "Hello".  So, I decided to just wave at each person.  The longer I continued to run, I became even more tired, so I just smiled at each person that I passed.  Before I knew it, I had ran almost TWICE AS LONG as I usually do.  Wow...a bit of contact with my fellow humans gave my body some extra energy and I didn't even realize it.  Thanks everybody!!!  xo

-One day I had meetings up in Los Angeles all day long.  I was rushing back down to where I live in the South Bay to get ready for my night job, when all of a sudden it began to rain.  Between traffic and the rain, I was running very very late for work.  Right before I got home the rain stopped and out of the corner of my eye I saw the most magnificent rainbow.  "Oh, that's cute", I thought, "but I am late for work and gotta get my butt home".  In the theme of remembering my spirit and trying new things....I suddenly put my foot on the brake, pulled the car over, got out, sat on the hood of my car, and just took the time to really look at that rainbow.  A sense of calmness came over me.  My troubles all of a sudden seemed so trivial.  Each color of the rainbow made me think of all the good things that had happened to me that day, some of which I had already forgotten about.  Then in a moment, the rainbow just faded away.  But, the feeling that rainbow had given me stayed with me all night at work.  I had a GREAT shift.  Oh, and by the way, not only was I not late to work....I was five minutes early.  HA!

-One evening I was in Culver City waiting to go to a meeting.  I love down town Culver City and have been there dozens and dozens of times.  Each time I go to Culver City I drive past the legendary Culver Hotel that was built in 1924.  I always say to myself that I am going to stop in and check the historical place out.  Well, this week I decided to stop talking about it and go check the joint out.  When I walked into the Culver Hotel, I walked back into time.  The lobby felt like the 1920's.  The decor was kept quite like it must have been back then.  There was a piano man playing old songs from the 1930's, a fireplace, and projected up on the wall was old silent 'Laurel and Hardy' films.  It was happy hour, so wine was only $4 a glass.  I bought a glass of wine, sat down by the fireplace, and watched a 'Laurel and Hardy' flick.  I couldn't help but think of all the starlets from the 1920's, 1930's, and 1940's that must have graced the lobby of this old hotel.  All of them hoping for their chance to work at the movie studios just down the street.  They say life has no guarantees.  I say, oh yes it does.  Life guarantees us moments of wonder and fun and quiet 'wows', if we only choose to stop, get out of the car, and look around.

-One morning I got together with a few of my BFF's.  We made brunch and watched a movie.  One of my girlfriend's made homemade, from scratch, ginger snap cookies with chocolate chips.  I LOVE chocolate, but even I was thinking, "Really?  Ginger and chocolate?"  But, in the spirit of trying new things and because I have a huge sweet tooth, I gave the cookies a try.  HOLY COW!!!!   It was the perfect blend of sweet and spicy. The cookie was so incredible, I asked for the recipe.  It was a Martha Stewart recipe, of course.  Who else but Martha would think to put those two flavors together and make it work?  Not to mention, the recipe calls for fresh grated ginger.  That was the first time I have ever had a cookie made with fresh grated ginger.  Can you say "moist"?  Guess what kind of cookie I am going to make this Christmas?
Check out this fabulous Martha Stewart Cookie recipe....

-One of my dear friends, who follows my blog, gave me a 'new thing' suggestion this week.  She suggested that I start taking pictures of all the new things that I try.  Why not?  That would qualify as a new thing.  I am going to do my very best to get a picture of every new thing that I do..or at least one or two a week.  If at times I am unable to, I will try to find an image on the internet or perhaps a website.  I have already added a few pictures to my past posts.  So, go back and take a gander.

Have  a great week and remember to keep your mind open to the new.  Because even something from 1924 can bring a new experience into your life.

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