Friday, February 4, 2011

New Years Resolution for 2011...try something new everyday.

"Hummm,  what new things can I try?"

Hello and Welcome...My New Years Resolution for 2011 is to try something new everyday. Why?....Why Not?  Actually, the truth is I was starting to get a bit bored with my usual life routine.  I have always believed that if you are not happy with your life, you have no one to blame but yourself.  So, I have decided to stop complaining that I am bored and do something about it.  I am going to try something new EVERYDAY in 2011.  Some of the new things maybe as grand and outrageous as sky diving or taking a trapeze class.  Some of the other new things maybe as simple as taking a new route to work or checking out a new website.  Change can be big, change can be small, but change is always good.  I think trying something new everyday is going to be just the thing to trip my trigger.

I began this 'trying one new thing a day' idea on Jan 1st.  It has been fun and full of surprises.  It was just suggested to me the other day that my next 'new' thing be blogging.  I have NEVER blogged in my life.  So, one of my new things for the month of Feb 2011, will be to start blogging.  What better to blog about then my quest to try something new every day in 2011.  Below is some of the 'new' things I tried in the month of Jan.------

-Ate at 'Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles'.  I have lived in Los Angeles county for 12 years and I have NEVER eaten at the legendary 'Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles'.  What was I waiting for???  I am a calorie counter and always trying to maintain my weight.  I am here to tell you that chicken and waffles are worth every calorie.  Sometimes you just gotta indulge and let your eyes roll back in your head. Life is too short not to cheat on your diet once in a while.  Yummmy!!

-For the FIRST time, I went and saw a production of the musical "Hair".  LOVED IT!!!  I ended up on stage with the cast of "Hair" singing and dancing to 'Let the Sunshine In'.  I hugged a dude who looked like Jim Hendrix, and left with a daisy in my hair.  It was so cool, man.  :)

-I bought my first lap top computer EVER.  Yep, it is 2011 and I just bought my first lap top.  I LOVE IT!!! My lap top has blessed me with many new experiences.  I watched a movie on my lap top while curled up in bed. I got to check my email while sipping java at my favorite coffee shop.  I downloaded iTunes for the first time.  AND....instead of running to my computer savvy room mate for help with my computer questions, I have used google to find my answers.  I feel sooo smart.  Does this mean I am a computer geek?

-I took on a 5 Day Running Challenge and did it!!!!!!  This is huge for me.  I have never ran five days in a row before.  I even lost a half of an inch on my waist in the process.

-I tried black rice for the first time.  Holy Cow....super yummy!!  Black rice has become one of my new kitchen staples.  Works best with fish.

-I went to the Griffith Park Observatory for the first time at night and looked out at the stars from that HUGE telescope they have there.  Wow....I had a lump in my throat as I looked at a cluster of stars being formed.  I also learned that we are all made up of left over star dust.  See, I always knew I was a star!!  And so are you, and you, and you, and you.....

-I get pedicures once a month.  This month I decided to try a new nail salon.  Yikes...this new salon was not nearly as nice and friendly as my usual salon.  Hey, I tried something new.  As Maya Angelou once said, "When you know better, you do better".  I am not only going to stick to my usual nail salon, I am going to appreciate it all the more.

-Played the new video game Kinect.  WOW.....FUN!!!!  I could become a 'gamer' with Kinect.

-I am a total 'Trader Joe's' girl.  I shop at the one near my home twice a week.  This month I shopped at the Trader Joe's on Sunset and Vine in Hollywood for the first time.  Same store, but a new location with a different vibe.  It had an 'old Hollywood' flare to it.  Nothing like buying a bottle of Two-Buck-Chuck while standing next to a life size picture of Clark Gable.  "Frankly my dear..."

-I am a member of the Screen Actors Guild.  Every year I end up having to work during the SAG Awards.  This year I decided to take SAG Award Sunday off of work.  I hosted a dinner party and watched the awards live with good friends.  It felt so good to take the day off and celebrate my union.  At the end of the evening I opened a bottle of bubbly and toasted to everyone who has every had a dream and to everyone who has the balls to live their dreams.  CHEERS!!

-I rode on the Los Angeles subway for the first time.  I have ridden the subways in Chicago and New York, but LA was different.  But then again, LA is always 'different'....that is why I love the City of Angels. ox

Well, that kinda sums up my 'New Things' in Jan.  Right now I am in the mist of another new thing...BLOGGING!!!!  This could be fun.  Feb is a new month and I am open to more new experiences....


  1. Awesome Blog! When you decide to do the trapeze thing, let me know. I have always wanted to take a class. We have a few trapeze schools in the bay area. There is also a place where you can "sky dive" on the ground. They have huge fans that help simulate the sky diving experience without having to jump out of a plane--I really want to try it. I'm too scared to jump out of an actual plane! So, if you need a trusty sidekick for any of these adventures, give me a call!

  2. I might just hit ya up on the trapeze class. My Mom and I were on the Santa Monica pier yesterday and they were teaching a trapeze class as we were walking by. It was so 'Sex in the City'. It looked like tons of fun. I definitely put it on my 2011-To Do List. I tried one of those indoor sky diving places while I was in Utah. It was fabulous. My goal now is to muster up enough courage to do it for real...we shall see. ;)